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January 7th, 2011

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-06

November 6th, 2010
  • Weekends at work often turns me into a morning after pill dispensing machine. Man, condoms don’t half ‘burst’ a lot. #
  • I suspect that this is a porkie. Either no condom used, or it fell off when he wore a ‘large’ when what he needed was a ’small’. #
  • To be certain, I don’t mind handing out the pills. But it doesn’t speak well to the uptake of protected sex. Lots of people are repeat users #
  • @DavidWaldock Good points. Something else for me to roll around in my head. #
  • @gee_twinklies I get that as well, just not as much. #
  • @secretlondon Often my unspoken thought as well. Not that it bothers me. Most people have done it at least once… #
  • Few things make me happier than doing a nice clean and tidy finger dressing. #medicalnerd #
  • @secretlondon Depending on the patient I just say ‘pretend I lectured you for ten minutes on safe sex’. Same for smokers. #
  • @Laura_ You are still delirious from having joined a gym… #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-05

November 5th, 2010
  • @Suw I have stopped watching the news completely since ConDem victory. I now understand the term ‘blissfully ignorant’ #
  • Start of three 12 1/2 hour shifts at work. Obviously my heart is lightened and filled with joy. #dammitstillworkingforthenhs #
  • My general terms of bargaining with the ED nurses is ‘OK, I’ll do it, but only if you bring me a cup of tea’. This makes me cheap. #
  • I wonder if my new mifi will last a whole 12 hour day? #
  • No. MiFi won’t last 12 hours… It just died. #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-03

November 3rd, 2010
  • @bungeechump I live to warn… #
  • @DavidWaldock That is, of course, what I meant… #
  • With @_Laura to see Red. Because @warrenellis pony needs food. This *is* a romantic movie, right? (@ Vue Cinema Romford) #

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Bookmarks for July 8th through November 3rd

November 3rd, 2010

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-02

November 2nd, 2010
  • @thecandykid I know. But I tend to meet all the lazy horrible ones… #
  • @bungeechump Knew an anaesthetist had ‘gasman 1′ and ‘gasman 2′ for his two cars. #
  • Ebook in previous tweet is free, and the author is a very nice chap. Well worth a punt, I know I have as I’ve liked his other books. #
  • @ChrisDearden Oh dear… #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-01

November 1st, 2010
  • @dfrw If I slow my brain down then I can’t remember what I’m writing next so I write many words and edit later at my leisure. #
  • @Laura_ No problemo. I even have a spare monitor for you to plug your knackered laptop into. #
  • @dfrw That’s exactly what I was thinking… #
  • @UTreality Oh… Indeed! #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-10-18

October 18th, 2010
  • In my considered opinion, new triage system is fail. This is q shame because I had hopes for it. #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-27

September 27th, 2010
  • @garyturner Thanks for letting me know. There has been ‘movement’ around to book of late… Could be interesting times ahead. #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-25

September 25th, 2010
  • Back home, taking a day off doing anything other than watch TV and stab people to death in Champions Online. I shall also get a bit fatter. #

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